Monday, May 23, 2005

ITV1 - Formula One - Sunday May 22nd 2005 - Monaco Grand Prix

A race with no surprises really. Most interesting thing I saw on TV was the Red Bull Racing pit crew dressed as Storm Troopers. Great. Nice to see ITV got Jenson Button in the commentary box, he did a great job, a natural.

I had to smile when Martin Brundle said that there would now be 'uninterrupted' coverage to the end of the race. Can only imagine what it was like in the post-race meeting at ITV following the debacle of the San Marino Grand Prix when ITV went for an ad-break with only 3 laps to go.

There was nothing too exciting about the coverage here, ITV did a good job for a change.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Eurosport - Cycling - Sunday May 22nd 2005 - Giro d'Italia

One of the biggest stages in the cycling calender and Eurosport decide to not show it live. The famous Stelvio Pass, over 2,600m in height offering some of the best sports footage on TV and the viewer is severely chort-changed.

The highlights programme was edited so that we saw 2/3rds of the Stelvio Pass, then an ad break, then when the programme returned we were half way up the next mountain, some 20 km further on the course. Was this explained to the viewer by the commentator? Absolutely not.

Poor, Eurosport, Very Poor.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

BBC1 - Football - Saturday May 21st 2005 - FA Cup Final

Good coverage from the BBC, shame some of the tradition has gone from the game. Remember the days when we would coverage starting early morning, following the teeam coach from helicopters, Wembley Way, players in horrible suits in the pre-match pitch walkabout.

Commentary was top notch from John Motson, not sure about the 'friendship' between Ian Wright and Peter Schmeichel, a little too forced I think.

Didn't see Sky Sports coverage but I imagine it was as slick as ever.